About Us

Inspiration in the simplest of places

Hi, my name is Amber Radatz, and along with my husband Tim, we are so excited to welcome you to our Hale Picking Co community. My goal with this small business in our rural community is to help you reimagine and appreciate items from the past, connect with nature through beautiful elements like flowers and evergreens, and create a welcoming family-friendly space in a 100+ year old feed mill.

I grew up on a farm and spent so much time exploring old buildings and nature, and was really looking for a way to reconnect with that childlike creativity and curiosity as an adult with a real job and a young family. I needed something to be just ‘for me’ in my demanding life.

My husband and family encouraged me to continue finding and start reselling vintage items coupled with my vision for a new use for that item. In 2019, we were quickly running out of storage space to accommodate the demand for items, and we purchased the feed mill in Northfield, WI. It has become so much more than storage, as we continue to update and renovate the historical community space.

Now we have a space that is beautiful and functional for workshops, events and sales. From dried flowers and evergreens to old rusty pieces, inspiration strikes in this old building, and we intend to breathe life back into it! We will continue to provide creative, one of a kind items to our amazing community of customers and use proceeds from sales to continue to renovate the feed mill to provide a space that the local community is proud to visit.

Come and join us and enjoy our pieces of the past that are ready for the future!

Tim and Amber Radatz
Hale Picking Co.
W15698 Mill Road, Hixton, WI